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Heuer Navia 8-day

A dashboard watch to match your Riva! This high quality Heuer product is pretty rare. Serial number 22274. Sold by Alf Lie, it comes with price tag and inventory number.


Alf Lie, arguably Norway´s most famous watchmaker, AD (authorized dealer) for Patek Philippe. He was, among other duties, the known responsible for winding and maintaining the clocks i Oslo's royal palace.

The price tag includes the same serial number and states the price: NOK378,-. It dates from ca 1965. Dating is quite accurate, because the works is signed Heuer-Leonidas (used from 1964), and the inside back cover has the Heuer logo and the earlier Ed. Heuer mark, meaning that the case design has been used for some time before the Heuer-Leonidas merger.

This watch can be set to the accurate second by stopping the movement. This is done by pulling out the crown (same position as for setting the hands). The comforting "TC<25mc" (micro curie, a radiation scale) on the dial is also often found on diving watches. From the mid fifties onward, Tritium was the most common material painted on dials to provide luminesence at night. Before that Radium was used, over time causing quite a lot of scandal and fear because of new research coming to light about the radiation dangers connected to that material.