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Lagonda Super-Compessor
Category:Other Brands

A typical diver´s watch from the mid sixties, with large crosshatched crowns. Movement is serviced and regulated, the dial and hands are relumed. It is now a watch you can wear every day.


The inside back cover shows a divers helmet, patent applications and the date 11-66. The case is 38mm, lug width is 18mm. It can be delivered with a rubber strap if that is the buyer´s wish.The dial is showing the level of Tritium radiation to be less than 25 Micro Curie. "T<25Mc" was often used on watches where the earlier use of Radium lume was seen as a threat. The top crown operates the internal bezel, the lower sets the time (and winds the watch if it needs to be started due to the owner having left it for a couple of days, not keeping the automatic movement charged). The back still has remnants of engraved text, but it is not visible on the photos (go to on a Mac og PC if you are seeing this on a mobile in order to see all the pictures we have posted on the main website). Watches from the sixties are in our opinion the best, and this is an early Super-Compressor. The 25 jewels automatic movement is ETA 2472, first on the market in 1965.