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City Professional

kr 12.500,00

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Attractive diver with very good qualities. Chronometer grade automatic movement ETA2784 (same as used in Tudor Sub-mariner). Numbered Monnin 42mm case. From the late seventies.

This watch is in very good condition. It has seen little hard use. It keeps accurate time with its high beat (28800) movement. The bezel is worth special mention: It is narrower than many, but has steel numbers and accents cast in a bakelite (?) resin. The usual “dot” is luminescent and also well protected in the same resin.  This watch has been fully serviced in 2019.

The watch brand “City” history is according to the following source: http://www.equationoftime.com/forums/showthread.php?41846-City-Professional-Diver-Small-Tweaks-to-Make-Perfect-Watch City is/was a Swedish brand that was owned by a company called JP Brandt AB in Stockholm. Brandt was a importer of Swiss watches and City was their low end (not in a bad way though) watch brand and the City models were also branded Facit, Moretime, Nilax and others during the 60’s and 70’s.


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