Buren Waterman (Microrotor)

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Buren is the brand that came up with the microrotors. Universal Geneve Polerouter “Microtor” and the automatic chronographs (“Chronomatic”) from Breitling, Hamilton and Heuer based their caliber on Buren. The “T SWISS T” black dial with the red cross-hairs is super, and the lume is intact on all 12 hour markers.  The Applied Buren logo is repeated in a tiny mark between “Intra and “magic”. The white print including “Buren”, Intra matic” and “Waterman” stands out from the dial and underlines the quality in the finish of this watch. The minute hand has slight lumepatination, but is not missing any lume. The steel hands have some patination. This watch has a high quality 30 jewels movement, caliber 1322. The highly original Gay Freres bracelet is another interesting detail, having a patent we have not seen before. The end of the adjustable bracelet (“extra links”) are kept in place with a Buren logo signed “detainer” like the function you find on leather watchstraps. This detainer is stamped G&F and Brevet, which indicates a patent application having been filed. The endlinks are stamped BU2. The stainless steel case is 35mm diameter and the back cover has the “Compressor” markings (5 parts of circles, one outside the other, as ripples in the water) and the number 964501. Both the case and the back has marks, so the watch is not mint. The original crown also bears the Buren logo. The 19800 beats/hour movement has been fully serviced and shows an average between +5/-10 seconds per day, having an amplitude (in 5 the standard positions) between 275 and 325 degrees.

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