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EP Yachting timer

kr 10.625,00

1 in stock


52,9 mm wrist timer

NOS with tag and matching serial number.

Super quality movement with spare parts!

Among our selection of yachting timers from Heuer, Tissot and Excelsior Park, this model stands out by a mile. There is not a pocket timer conversion to the wrist, it is of original design, probably one of the first with lugs (24 mm). The description on the back label states BW. 68 and 91880/95. Coupled with the serial number 1459685, we guess the production to have been around 1955. The perfect dial puzzles us though, since the numbers appears to be “pre WWII”. (Any comments on the dating would be much appreciated!). Please look closely at the movement. There is no Incabloc, we see no caliber or number of jewels, not even a “SWISS”. However, the super texting in four languages indicating the placement of spare parts is the typical “signature” of Excelsior Park. This is a rare piece.

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