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Eterna-Matic Kontiki 20

kr 21.250,00

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Splendid, all original and rare Kontiki 20

Screw down crown and expandable GF bracelet

Unusual, brown (fumé) dial with marvelous detailing

Such a nice, all stainless steel Kontiki 20 with its original Gay Freres signed and dated ( 2nd quarter 1967) bracelet seldom surfaces. The details such as a smashing dial, sharp 37,4 mm case, very good Kontiki signed (long!) Gay Freres bracelet underscores this! The yellow gold Kontiki logo on the back (an artist impression of the Thor Heyerdahl expedition raft) is well kept. Please notice the 5 balls Eterna trademark/logo in the sail 🙂 . The dial has applied white gold hour markers which are all intact. All the lume is there. The straight minute and hour hands have nice red edging surrounding the lume. However, there has been some scaling off of the brown color on points in the periphery of the dial, well outside of the minute/second track. The extra detail of the dated GF bracelet 2/67 adds to the facts that this is a vintage from, in our opinion, the very best time in the history of vintage mechanical Swiss watches. The (5 balls) ball bearing showing in the Eterna logo can be clearly seen in the centre (top) of the movement. The caliber is 1489K with 013 stamped beside the balance. It runs at 21600 beats with good amplitude and little beat error. The test results are fine for a vintage, and it should show an accuracy within +/- 30 seconds per 24 hours. We have not serviced it, but will guarantee this result for 12 months.

The “Brevete”  stamped next to “Eterna-Matic” means that there has been patent (-s) applied for. Many ETA movements come from Eterna´s use of similar movement build. This demonstrates clearly the importance of the Eterna-Matic in the development of Swiss watch movements.

How Eterna came to use the Kontiki name is a secret Thor Heyerdahl seemingly never clearly communicated, but the name has been used by Eterna (and still is) from the nineteen fifties.

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