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Excelsior Park chronograph

kr 7.500,00

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Pre WWII column wheel chrono

Look at the movement!

Superb condition and quality

As with wrist chronographs and watches, old pocket timers and chronographs are often of superior build (quality). Looking at this movement, it is easier to get a fuller picture of what’s going on than in a small wrist one. The gold bushing around the three visible “jewels” for example, a detail which was later dropped by most manufacturers. Otherwise this example has a movement that seems totally untouched since its assembly. Looking at the enamel dial with the crystal clear figures and colors and the blued steel hands one gets nearly a NOS feeling.  It has been in use though, the case and glass has some thin lines and scratches. Fully wound, it runs fine, although of course, a service would make it a perfect performer once again regarding total mechanical accuracy in timekeeping. The stop and reset works perfect too. Diameter 51 and thickness 15,5 mm.

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