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Nivada Compensamatic 17

kr 5.625


Why do some watch manufacturers put the postscript “-matic” on manual watches? This Nivada is an example of that. The vast majority of brands using “-matic” though, use it as a short for “automatic”, for example “Chronomatic” by Heuer and later Breitling or “Intra-matic” by Buren and Hamilton. This is a nice, early 1960s vintage watch. It has seen very little use and can be classified as near mint. The Art Deco inspired numbers 12, 3 and 9 give the no date (and very clean) dial character. The steel case is 36 mm in diameter, 9,5 mm thick and measures 42,5 mm from lug tip to lug tip. It is therefore a larger dress-/sportswatch than the majority of timekeepers from the time. We have fitted it with a signed Nevada bracelet that is 10-15 years newer than the watch. If you prefer, a new black or brown strap can be delivered instead. The 17 jewel caliber N120 movement is signed and rhodium plated. Note: This watch has not been serviced by us, because it runs within acceptable margins for a vintage watch. If you plan to use it everyday, it should be serviced. The back cover is engraved/stamped 1374M8743 (outside) and (3660116) on the inside.

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