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Omega 1180-64

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Stainless steel

Fully serviced

ca 1965

Midsixties Omegas are super watches. This pocket watch is a splendid example of Omegas peak period. The caliber 161 movement is a next generation of the 38,5L family, perfected over more than a generation. Please savor the simplistic dial layout with stick hour markers and cross hair sub seconds. The shaped hour and minute hands are supplemented by the sub seconds knife edge shaped hand. The stainless steel case is of the typical steel pocket watch design with a flat backplate. You should know that the are small imperfections on the dial and that there is an engraving on the back (which includes the year 1966). The movement runs very well, having many inscribed service marks on the inside back cover proving that this watch has been serviced and used over many years. To top it up, this watch has the original Omega glass, identified by the tiny Omega logo mark in the center. The diameter is 49,35 and the thickness is 10,80 mm. The chain shown is 28 cm long.

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