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Seiko 6139-6012 Chronograph

kr 12.812,50

1 in stock


Fully serviced and waterproofed day/date automatic chronograph

Original bracelet with correct endlinks

“Bruce Lee” variation on the “Pogue” theme

Fantastic vintage watch with it’s dark blue dial, all intact lume, super clean hands and applied markers. This early automatic chronograph  dates from August 1973 (determined by reading the first number (3) as the year and the second number (8) as the month from the serial number on the back cover). It comes with its original Seiko bracelet, all in stainless steel. We have fitted a new crystal, and performed a full service by a Seiko professional watchmaker. The case is 39 mm wide, 14,1 mm thick and 43,3 mm long. The serial number is 381501, and the dial is marked “Japan 6139 – 6040T”.  The bracelet has 12 links and should fit wrists up to 18,5 cm.

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