Privacy Policy

This privacy statement describes what personal information we collect when visiting our websites, as well as the use of our products and services, and how we treat them.

What is stored

In order to provide our services, we ask to store your personal information, which is entered when purchasing and logging into a customer account, including: name, email address, registration date, last visit, purchase history, IP address, contact info and address. This information is necessary in order to bill for the services ordered and to be able to trace back to the responsible user for a service in the event of any disputes. We also use the personal information to communicate with you. This is done by necessary product updates, invoicing, payment follow-up, updating of technical information etc.

Google Analytics

We use Google analytics on our website. The information here does not contain any personal data.

How long we store your personal data

Personal data is stored for as long as you are a customer of us and for a minimum of 3 years after the end of the customer relationship. Personal data relating to invoices and payments are stored for 10 years in accordance with Norwegian law.

Transparency and correction

You are entitled to access the information that is registered about you. Information can be obtained by sending an inquiry to email: 

If the registered information is incorrect or incomplete, you may require that the information be corrected in accordance with the Personal Data Act. You can also change the information by logging into your customer account.


Storage and deletion:

Information that is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it is created is deleted from our systems. All information collected is stored and handled in accordance with applicable laws. We do not share your personal information with third parties unless required by applicable laws and regulations, eg through a court order. The information may also be made available to government agencies responsible for enforcing the legislation.

Use of cookies

Our website uses cookies, as most websites do, to give you better functionality. Cookies are small text files that are stored temporarily or temporarily on your PC or mobile as you browse our pages. Our cookies help us make our pages work as you expect, remember your settings when you are on the page and between each visit, and improve the speed and security of the page. If the settings in your browser are set to accept cookies and you continue to use our web sites, we understand that you accept the use of cookies.


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