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Other Brands
Cyma Navystar
Category:Other Brands

Quite complete and very nearly NOS, equipped with signed box, strap, buckle and ref. nr. between lugs. A collectors dream accompanied by ad from Yachting World 1959.


Ebel Automatic 24 Jewels
Category:Other Brands

Very nice gold plated (20 mikron) automatic dresswatch. 34mm. Case nr 7214908 68 kaliber 214. Early 1960s.  Roulette date. Article 20140019


Eiger Superioor
Category:Other Brands

Automatic steel watch, mid sixties. TSWISSMADET. Omega quality at half price. Near perfect dial. A little lume is missing from the hour hand. 35mm. Now fully overhauled. Comes with 12 months warranty.


Category:Other Brands

New old stock (NOS). Logos on buckle, crown, strap and movement Cal ASST 1950/51 (17 jewels). Caseback#422 2016. 37mm Ca 1980


Enicar Seapearl Supertest
Category:Other Brands

Early compressor cased, stainless steel bayonet back numbered 335362, dated 11-60. Very well preserved chromed case. Nice, untouched movement with number (ref?) 055452, caliber 1120. 34 mm


Enicar Sherpa Automatic
Category:Other Brands

Compressor cased, steel, early (dated 1-58) and rare, no date automatic in good original condition. 36mm. Chronosport box not included.


Enicar Sherpa Star
Category:Other Brands

Very complete and unusual vintage. Original bracelet 1A-05. Typical outrageous seventies style (ca 1970). Stainless steel. Automatic, 24 jewels, high quality movement. "Waterproof".