Watch history

AntikA’s Per T. Eitrem’s story with watches started when he as a young boy in Norway approached the date for his confirmation. Boys of that age were considered ready for their first proper watch, and the symbolic gift of a timepiece fitted this tradition. Per’s favourite wish was a steel Omega Seamaster. His careful father though, settled on a Tissot Seastar. Now in his 60’s, Per is trying to compensate for this adolecent disappointment. One of the slogans he uses in marketing AntikA’s vintage watches goes like this: “Buy the watch your relatives failed to give you”.

When Per started university in Edinburgh 1970, he set a plan: Chronosport of Bath, England advertized watches he liked. Chronosport also wanted local agents throughout Great Britain to market their catalogue offerings. “This could work. Surely some of these watches will sell!” Sales provisions could then be exchanged for the watch of his choice. Per hoped he would be able to buy one of the most expensive watches in the Catalogue.

The watch salesmanship was successfull. Proceeds from selling to fellow students and their various landlords accumulated to £70. Fulfilling his ambition, he decided to go for a new automatic chronograph, the Heuer Autavia. After long deliberations with himself, especially comparing the black dial version to the white, he ordered the white “Jo Siffert” (so named after the Swiss Formula 1 racing driver). Judging by todays’ price levels his decision proved to be a good one.

The Chronosport listing of sport watches is a treasure of information, and great fun to look through. For more information from the 1970/71 catalogue, please ask us. We would only be pleased to scan and email pages to you.

The Divers

Heuer Autavia 30 M/H is marketed as a diver. (This is confirmed in the Danish magazine for watchmakers, DUT vol 7 and 8 from 1962, at Autavia’s introduction. The Autavia range then cost from DKK462 to 630. The lowest price being excactly the same as the contemporary steel Omega Seamaster Automatic. Omega Constellation in steel was then DKK725). Also worth noting is that the Seiko watches cost just as much as the Heuer, while the Enicar and Nivada were cheaper. The Japanese divers seem to be equal both in price and praise to the Swiss in this selection. The Enicar Sherpa “OPS” is described as “one of the most rugged watches in our whole collection”.

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