Buren Waterman

kr 11.250


Buren, the Microtor inventor, teamed in 1966 with Hamilton, Heuer, Breitling and Dubois-Dépraz to produce the famous first automatic chronograph movement, the Caliber 11.

“In 1966 the Buren Watch Company was sold to the Hamilton Watch Company. Buren quickly became the manufacturer of the majority of Hamilton watches, eliminating US production.”  The Waterman presented here is very rare, and probably from one of the last series of Buren labeled watches.

It has another rare feature, namely a Gay Freres bracelet with a somewhat flimsy clasp arrangement. (We have not seen the like of this bracelet anywhere else, so there might be a piece missing. However the fixing works, but takes practice to get used too). The end links are stamped BU2. The Waterman is fully serviced and carries our 12 month watchmakers warranty. There are nice details all around this watch: The Buren logo appears discretely between Intra and Matic under the applied larger logo over the “Buren” printed one on the dial. There are also discrete red crosshairs and applied markers at 12, 6 and 9. The crown is signed, and the Compressor marked back cover reads “Guaranteed Waterproof” and serial number 964501

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