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CAMY Sputnik

kr 4.950,00

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Nice black dialed rare vintage with a fun fact twist: In the late fifties the Russian Sputnik made world news as a first space rocket. (CAMY may have marked the launchtime of day on the gold medallion on the back? Please comment this if you have info to our email: Per.eitrem@antika.no. It would be much appreciated.) The special 34,7mm stainless steel case have the attractive, long “lyre” (twisted) lugs. Equipped with the Ebauche produced Felsa 4007 “Superautomatic 25 jewels” movement, it runs well. Under the magnifying cyclop, all dates on this model comes with red print. And the watch is a “no lume” version, ensuring no fear of degrading luminous  material over time.

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