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Candino Monnin Diver

kr 12.500,00

Out of stock


Full size, mint condition, waterproofed vintage diver.

Automatic, fully serviced mechanical movement.

Splendid in colors and overall appearance.

A unique timepiece in original (late seventies) condition.

We have seen Candino divers in this case before, but the configuration on the dial was different. Here the striking orange ring and the full lume hour markers really light up together with square shaped lollipop seconds hand under uv-light. The bezel is unidirectional and clicks as it should. It even has intact lume on the zero dot. The dependable ETA 2873 automatic movement is serviced, and the watch is guaranteed for 12 months. The dimensions of case are: Diameter 42, height 46,8 and thickness 13,6 mm.

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