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Certina Argonaut 280 25-661

kr 7.500,00

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Oversize vintage

Blue theme

Fully serviced

Vintage Certinas keep getting more and more attention from collectors. The Argonaut 280s are no exception. They have size and colored details, like this silver dialed one. The date window is at 6, the cross hairs and the texting above and below the horizontal line ads to the style of these watches.

The manual mechanical movement has been fully serviced and original parts only have been used. It therefore carries our 12 month warranty, and will most likely run for another 50 years. The case shows signs of wear, but the dial and hands are mint with one exception: the minute hand has lost some filling. We date this watch to the beginning of the seventies. The new genuine leather Morellato strap has the modern style safetybuckle and is a nice fit in color.

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