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Certina DS-2

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Very nice black dialed all steel automatic with the famous 25-651 26 jewel movement. This DS-2 dial is especially attractive with it’s white internal “bezel”, giving the watch a “racing” image. It (the dial) has the appearance of a NOS watch. All luminescence material is intact on both dial and hands, and the red seconds hand is a super detail together with the white hands and hour markers. The Certina logo and the quarterly hour markers are applied metal (white gold?) together with the frame on the date window. The case bear some marks, but take note: it is not, and should not be, polished. Steel watches are very solid, and the marks they get through their life are marks of history. In this instance it goes to show that the “DS” marking (double security) has proved itself over time.

It has the marvelous turtle and waves caseback (the manual DS-2s have a slimmer case, showing only the turtle medallion by itself). The DS-2 cases have a prominent form, and measure 37,5 mm across (40mm if you measure diagonally from ten past- to twenty to the hour). The serial number 6989833 dates this watch to ca 1967, thereby making it an early DS-2. We have equipped the watch with a new “racing” strap.

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