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Certina DS-2 blue bullseye

kr 5.000,00

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Our recent videos on Instagram has spurred several interested collectors to ask for more DS-2s to be posted on the site. We have a wide selection of high quality vintage Certinas in stock, although most are unserviced due to  the present price range for these watches. Increased interest is noticeable though, so here is our response: We will post more colored and silver dialed Certinas! Please ask us for photos and descriptions of your preferred line, caliber, color, strap/bracelet etc.

The blue dialed manual showed here is a nice example of a little used manual DS-2. It can be expected to run within +/- 30 sec a day, has an amplitude range between 270 and 220 (5 positions), and practically no beat error. The 25 – 661 caliber movement is a solid workhorse, easy to service and quite indestructible according to many watchmakers. The date changes as it should. The steel case is in very good condition, as is the back cover with the serial number very clear (8359668 – dating it to ca 1970). Being a manual version, the case thickness is leaner than the automatic. The dimensions of the case are: width 38 x height 42,6 x thickness 12,7 mm.

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