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Certina DS-2, green dial

kr 12.500,00

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In this rare case the original costs more than the new, just released copy. This has a simple explanation: vintage, green dialed DS-2s are in great demand. Add to that, this is a very nice example with a flawless dial, excellent hands and a better than average case. The automatics are slightly thicker in the case than the manual versions of DS-2, and of course, they have the famous full turtle back. The very sturdy “double security” watches from Certina have a common weak point when it comes to the date function. The wheel under the dial with all the date numbers has a rather frail connection to the works in the movement, so with a wrongful setting of the date, the connection breaks. Therefore to prevent this: remember to never start setting the date when the hands display the hours between 9 and 3! (This DS-2 has a fully functional date). The serial number 9318372 is a late one for the DS-2 production run, so we date this one to ca 1972. On delivery, the super quality caliber 25-351 movement will have been fully serviced and guaranteed for 12 months. Case dimensions are 38 x 43 x 14 mm.

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