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Chronographe Suisse 18k, ca 1955

kr 11.250,00

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Newly serviced, and near mint gold watch in a modern size (39 mm without crown). Landeron movement, tachymeter scale, minute counter with marks at 3 minute intervals (so this may be new to you, why the little minute register has lines at 3, 6 and 9?). The watch is a so-called Chronographe Suisse, an export model series said to have been made especially for tourists visiting Switzerland: “Let them buy a large gold watch with chronograph at an acceptable price” was said to be the motive for producing these watches. In order not to be confused with well-known brand names, the sellers used a number of different, unidentifiable names on the dial. Here we is a rare case of an “anonymous” model, without a «brand” name. These typically have Landeron caliber 48 or 248 movements, which were the most affordable 17-jewels chronograph movements. The Chronographe Suisse chronographs were sold from the years after World War II until about 1960. This example is very little used and appears quite impressive with beautiful, intact angles and edges on the case, “gold” hands and hour markers, as well as a very well-preserved silvered dial. And, there is no radium lume either).

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