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Cyma Sport “Tank”

kr 12.500,00

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A real classic

Large enough for today

Fully serviced

Of an age rarely found in our stock, this ca 1940 stainless steel Cyma is a high quality watch designed in the thirties. It is a one owner watch, sourced in Norway. Our example is in very good condition and the manual caliber 364K has been fully serviced. The patented (Brevet 189190) case “Acier Staybrite” shape is legendary, having the full “Waterproof” design with the 4 screws securing the back cover. More information on the patent can be found here: https://www.vintagewatchstraps.com/blogCH189190.php. It is marked on the back cover with number: 6225 576. The reference number inside is 25310. We have fitted it with a nice “Milanese” steel band. Included in the sale is a new black leather strap. Dimensions are: width: 22, height: 38,5 and thickness: 8,8 mm.

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