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Heuer 2444 “pre-Carrera”

kr 53.750,00

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A pristine Heuer chronograph from ca 1955. You can find a slightly newer version in the Heuer “On The Dash” reference site here: http://www.onthedash.com/chronograph/reference-2444/.  This three register tool watch has the characteristic “no frills” minimalistic, single purpose design. The subdials are as big as there is room for on the silvered dial, all  to be as legible as possible, and no room has been allowed for either tachymeter or telemeter scales that cheaper, less “professional” watches usually sport. This tool was designed for time telling and time measurement – and that was it. The very well kept case, crown and pump pushers are all original. The same goes to say about the very near mint dial. The hour and minute hands show their age a little more, having lost some luminescent material. The back of the case has some light inscriptions. Between the bottom lugs, the case is numbered 12805. The absolutely beautiful early Valjoux 72 movement is really something: It is signed Ed. Heuer, has the Heuer logo and is numbered 454294. The movement finish is more “decorated” than what you find in the later watches within the same reference 2444 series. The 36+ mm case is 13 mm thick and has a lug width of 18 mm.  A full service of the movement has been performed by a top Heuer specialist watchmaker. This rare vintage chronograph is now ready for a new owner and comes with a 12 months warranty.

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