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Freco 18ct Chronographe Suisse

kr 17.325,00

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A very attractive vintage chronograph in beautiful condition!

From the forties or earlier (no Incabloc), this  super example of the “American tourist chronograph” in 18 carat rose gold stands out from most of these found today. First of all this is a credit to the fully intact black gilt dial; we very rarely see original dials from that period so nicely preserved. Most Chronograph Suisse models have a light or silvered  dial, and the printing is very often of bad quality. The ringed subdials on this watch gives the dial life as you turn it in the light. The gold case is 34 mm diameter (a bit smaller than was used later), also pointing us to a production date before the fifties. Thin gold cases, as these watches have, get marked easily and this one also have a dent where the back cover is opened from. It has been fully serviced and runs very well. The included photo is taken before the service was done, and shows next to no previous service marks. The Landeron 248 movement resets the chronograph as it should. The running time (power reserve) is shorter than modern watches. It needs to be wound often!

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