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GN136 Sex-Tease

kr 1.500,00

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Erotic Swatch

First (and only?) to display sex scene

Mint and working

With this decor Swatch is picking up on the old pocket watch thing: erotic scenes on the dial (this Swatch has no moving bodyparts though :). As with GP108 First, this Sex-Tease edition of the Swatch collection Kamas-Ultra was not admitted in all markets. References on the dial and strap are to the historic eastern celebration of love arts. From the spring of 1994, this model represents the first Swatch example using erotism on their products. The plastic strap is vividly decorated, and the dark blue watch case representing the night sky is filled with an infinite number of “stars”. The casebook is stamped 349 and the dial is marked “© Swatch AG 1993”. Unused, mint condition in box with papers with a new battery fitted.

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