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Heuer Autavia 1163

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A 9 out of best 10 example! The dial, markers and hands are stunning. The lume is original and as new. The bezel is rare! These Autavias mostly come with Tachymeter or Minute/Hour bezels (MH). This Heuer chronograph appears to be a “Viceroy”, but the decimal bezel and the high (and maybe out of the Viceroy range) serial number is somewhat intriguing. There is a number of “Viceroy” Autavias around, but this one is the best we have seen – and maybe not a “Viceroy” after all? It has been sourced in Scandinavia, comes with the Schmitz case (this case manufacturer is recognized by the pusher heads being clearly visible from the rear of the watch) and has serial number 278449. The reference number engraving is 1163 only, it does not have the “V”.

My own story from 1971 when I considered the black dial Autavia, but decided on the white “Siffert” has now been concluded! (look above on the page in the “About section – Watch Story” for more on this: https://antika.no/about-us/ ).

The few points you should now about this watch is that it has some slight wear on the bezel and that the inside back cover has 3 watchmakers notes on services. We have not serviced it. It runs within +/- 10 seconds/day and the amplitude (tested by us in 5 positions) stays around 250 degrees +/ 200+ when the chronograph timer is engaged (the drop in amplitude when extra energy is required is normal on most chronographs).

If you are looking for a pristine automatic Heuer Autavia from the golden age of the early seventies, act on this one!

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