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Heuer MasterTime

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This beautiful 8-day dashboard instrument comes with a numbered (34) wooden (oak) and leather holder signed “Gowllands”. Since the case and movement of this Master-Time bears the signature “Heuer-Leonidas” we can date it to be produced after 1963. (Those two companies merged in 1964). We know this Master-Time was sold by Alf Lie, Oslo because that watchmaker has marked it on the back of the backplate. Alf Lie numbered his sold watches, and this one reads “ALF 171 – 2085 x”. The number on the instrument is 24427. The pictured Heuer/Alf Lie catalogue from 1963 assures the prospective buyer that there is no Strontium 90 in the luminous paint (!) on Heuer dials. Therefore also the T<25mc (micro curie) printed on the dial is there to show the minimal level of becquerelle. T, which stands for Tritium is a less radioactive material than Radium and replaced the latter in watches from the late fifties. The signed, 15 jewel movement is in very good condition, and the dial and hands are perfect. The crystal has some scratches, indeed proving that this has been a useful instrument in its time. The backplate is 57,4 x 57,4 mm. The wooden case is a 100,5 x 119,5 x 36,2 mm.

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