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Heuer pocket chronograph

kr 15.000,00

Stainless steel pocket chronographs were expensive and therefore rare. Most came with chromed “metal” cases. Heuer was among the recognized few producers to sell to governments (mainly military) use. We have in our collection both Swedish “Tre Kronor” and Danish “Crown” signed examples.

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In wonderful condition, this stainless steel Ed. Heuer & Co. SWISS,  Valjoux 61 movement, numbered 603595 has case number 147009. The Heuer logo is present on dial, inside back cover and movement. And the dial must be studied (look at the different photos – the varying angle of light makes an impression of a two tone dial)! It has an unblemished silver finish, with the two subdials shining in a contrasting tone together with the seconds track on the perimeter. The five blued steel hands are perfect, and the beautiful movement is clean. It has not been serviced by us, but runs and keeps time well. There is no Incabloc or other shock absorber patent present here, so we date this to the 1940s. These beautiful instruments were used by both the Swedish and the Danish military forces. We have another with a slightly lower case number with the Danish crown and military inventory number on the back

50,25mm diameter.

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