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Lemania tropical

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Rose gold covered dress watch with tropical dial. This is a charming, well used quality vintage specimen. It dates from ca 1950-55, and the dial and hands are lume free. The gilded case has only one small breach (just after nine, close to the “stainless steel back”. This shows a thick layer of gold, but there are no marks  between the lugs or inside the case telling how thick it is (as is the usual case with electroplated watches). The fine, nearly untouched movement is signed and numbered (448240). The use of weights on the balance is nice, and typical for watch movements up to around 1960. We usually service the movements, but so far we are happy with this one unserviced, it runs well and keeps time within +/- 15 seconds per day (amplitude between 250 – 320). The case is 35,5mm and we really like this untypical Lemania!

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