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Mardon Fleet diver chronograph

kr 10.000,00

Out of stock


Look through all the pictures posted on this watch! There you will see the explanation for the use of the Mardon “Fleet” terminology. Not a big name at the time this diver chronograph watch was made, but in 1949 (from when the advertisement was printed) Mardon had a large selection of watches in the market. We are charmed by the grey dial with the sunken white ringed subdials. The 45 minute subdial mark and the five minute marks are red, as are the minute markers on the outside bezel. The stainless steel case bears marks (and one pusher has a dent), but the big crown and the super grey (unusual) dial, hour markers and hands really make this watch desirable. The Valjoux 7733 movement must have been recently serviced, as the performance both with the chronograph engaged and not is very accurate. 38mm case, 20mm lug width and production date is early 1970s. The generously sized JB Champion bracelet is an optional extra – please email us before placing the order if you want the bracelet.

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