Omega Constellation 168.004

kr 24.750


Oversized vintage Constellations (35,6 mm) are quite rare. The extra 1,6 mm matters, as you can see from the pictures where we show this reference next to the more common “dog legged” 160.005 model that sports a diameter of 34 mm. Many Constellations have had a long active life, and will invariably show significant wear. Here is the first thing to check (after you have inspected the dial): look for the gold medallion on the back cover, and count the 8 stars. When you have located all 8, start to evaluate the wear on them, and the observatory. This specific and super Constellation 168.004 has no wear on the medallion because it has not been used for many of it’s 60 years and because the back cover is all steel. We prefer this, simply because a “flat” (worn) gold medallion is unattractive to us. In addition, the cross hairs dial, hands and applied gold details on the Constellation here on offer are perfect (a superthin hairline stripe on the dial between 12 and 1 is the exception). Quite unaffected by the years that have passed since it left the Omega factory, the visuals of this watch are hard to match. The caliber 561 automatic chronometer movement has been fully serviced. The watch has serial number 20391444 dating it to 1963, and the case manufacturer is SGR.

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