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Omega Constellation “C-case”

kr 13.500,00

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This Constellation (T Swiss Made T) has a special, very nice “gold burst” dial that is nearly perfect. Even if this watch has seen a lot of use over the years, the dial with all it’s applied details is nearly mint. You can find this, if you are so lucky as to find that the crystal has not been changed. The first thing we look for in the “glass” is the tiny Omega logo in the centre. It should be there to prove it’s origin, or to represent the responsible work of a watchmaker. The automatic caliber 564 chronometer certified movement runs and charges accurately. The serial number is 26927933, case reference is CD 168.0017, and the model number  168.017 SP (manufacturer signature: “K.B”). The production date is ca 1968. The gold on steel case of 35 mm is worn, as is the back gold medallion, but we have no problem recommending this super vintage Omega.

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