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Omega Constellation piepan 168.004

kr 24.750,00

Out of stock


With it’s original box in perfect condition and guarantee/user guide leaflet (including instruction booklet for both automatics, divers and chronographs!) it is a very interesting vintage package. You can choose to buy without the box and or leaflet – ask for details by email to per.eitrem@antika.no. The large (35,5 mm diameter) gold on steel case is in strong, used condition, with some wear on the gold medallion (“Constellation stars”) on the back. The dial is of the “no lume” type, meaning that there has never been Tritium luminescent material applied to it. The gold hour markers are heightened by onyx inserts. The 3 gold hands are in perfect condition, as are the applied logo, OMEGA text, date frame and Constellation star on the dial. The cross hairs dial has some patination. The stainless steel case manufacturer mark is KB and the full reference number is CD 168.004. The beautiful chronometer, caliber 564 movement is very well preserved. Production date of the serial number 24328896 is approximately 1966.

AntikA as guarantees the authenticity of this watch. Only original Omega service parts have been used during the last service that was performed by an Omega approved watchmaker. The watch will be repaired free of charge for a period of 12 months after purchase, should it stop or start to deviate from correct timekeeping more than a minute a day. Wrong use or visible damage excepted.

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