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Omega ladies

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Good vintage ladies watches in steel are difficult to find (and service!). The small movements are not as good as the larger ones, therefore selection of a worthy watch must be more careful. We have spent a years finding a good movement for this one, before we had it fully serviced. Our 12 months watchmakers guarantee therefore applies. Please note that there is no seconds hand (many smaller watches came without, so nothing is missing here). The diameter is 24mm. It comes with an original 11mm lug width Omega strap and Omega buckle. The dial and case are both noteworthy. The “lure” (twisted lugs) are an attractive detail, so is the “two-tone” dial. The special dials found with good vintage watches can appear different with changing angles and lighting. This one really has more faces than one! Study the pictures to see if you agree. The period box is a nice detail if you plan to give it away. An original box is always a good accessory to keep the watch in. It also is a reminder of the appreciation and value of treating a lasting object the right way. Production date is ca. 1955 – 1960.

AntikA as guarantees the authenticity of this watch. Only original Omega service parts have been used during the last service that was performed by an Omega approved watchmaker. The watch will be repaired free of charge for a period of 12 months after purchase, should it stop or start to deviate from correct timekeeping more than a minute a day. Wrong use or visible damage excepted.

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