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Omega Seamaster 198.001

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We are fond of the caliber 1250 family of watches from Omega. Most of our selection of the f300hz models come from the year 1972, this example being the exception as it is as early as 1970 (the movement number 32846389 forms the basis for setting the date). At the time, these models were more expensive to buy  than the mechanical Omegas. The “Electric” watch differs from the “Quartz” watches. Based on the Bulova patent, Omega produced a wide range of f300hz “chronometer” watches as an answer to the demand for super accurate timekeeping. Later came other high frequency models trying to bolster against the quartz invasion. The characteristics of these “hummers” are the floating seconds hand and the high frequency vibrating sound the battery operated movement emits. A quartz watch has the tell tale jerking movement of the seconds hand, once a second, while in these hummers, the second hand just slides along. The stainless steel case (made by CB) have dimensions 36,5 mm x 42 mm, thickness 10,8 mm and lug width 19 mm.

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