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Omega Seamaster DeVille auto

kr 11.250


The watch is in good condition, The case and dial though, is not perfect. This Seamaster DeVille has had a life of use, but still offers good value with its completely serviced caliber 552 movement and new Omega crystal. The movement has caliber 562, and it has been fully serviced (2022). Our watchmaker warranty covers it for 12 months. The case reference is 166-020 and the serial number dates it to ca. 1967. The difference from a “standard” Seamaster and the Seamaster DeVille version is as follows: The model is slimmer, it has a monocoque case (not a screw on back cover) thereby protecting the movement from accidental leaks due to faulty back cover gasket. The dials also have (on the automatic versions) the “OMEGA” lettering applied in gold as opposed to being printed on the dial. In short, it cost more to buy, as it was considered to be a more luxurious Seamaster. Case diameter is 34 mm. This automatic vintage, gold on stainless steel Omega Seamaster is a dressy watch!

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