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SBB100 Jess´Rush

kr 1.250,00


Swatch stop-watch

First edition

Sold in Germany 02.12.1992

In reality this is a single button chronograph (counting seconds and minutes only though), and great fun! One of the plastic strap retainers reads “stop-watch”, confirming that this example has its original band. The crystal has “STOP” engraved, and both the two hands (there is no ordinary seconds hand here) and the crown (!) have luminous material. The diameter of the black case is 34 mm and it has the stamps 236/5742. The dial is marked “©SWATCH AG 1991”. Complete and mint, the instruction booklet included explains how to use the stop-watch function. Not in NOS condition, but it has seen little use over the years. A new Renata 394 battery will be fitted before shipping.

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