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Seamaster 120 166.027

kr 47.500,00

Out of stock


Most of our watches are super wearable, everyday beaters that can be used without much attention. No offense for this Seamaster 120, but the super condition of some watches makes them worth keeping safe. What we have here is an investment proposal. For those who have followed the skyrocketing prices for Speedmasters and closer to this 120, the price increases on the Seamaster 300 range, you will agree that a well kept 120 is next in line. Arguably the Seamaster 120 is even rarer than the 300 model, and when condition is everything – this watch is something! For an average wrist size, the 37 case width, thickness 10,8 and the lug tip to lug tip measurement of 42,8 mm is better than  the more massive Seamaster 300 (42 mm width). When new (in 1968) these two models cost nearly the same – prices in Norway were NOK640,- as opposed to NOK672,- for the 300. The pictures will confirm the condition of this watch, we hope – but of course, we would like you to see and handle all the watches you like! The comfort we have though, is that very many of our customers come back to us telling about a watch received that looks better in real life than what the pictures had told them. Details are: movement caliber 565 (quick set date, automatic). Serial number 26913874. Case reference number is 166.027 and it has compressor logo stamp on the inside back cover. The movement has not been serviced by us, but it runs perfectly ok and is guaranteed for 12 months. Please look at the pictures, the only traces of screwdrivers we spot inside are on the movement fixings to the case. We are very happy to present these and even more details to you, the watch at hand here is worth a close study!

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