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Zodiac Hermetic gold on steel

kr 9.281,25

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An elegant watch, slightly oversized, for the finer occasions in life! This near mint Zodiac has the charming “Hermetic” to its name, originally pointing to the fifties when all watches were striving to be “Waterproof”. In addition the astronomical reference is “Pisces” – The Fishes (it shows a fish on the back cover), depicting the fact that the Zodiac brand referred to the zodiac signs on their models. The steel case is covered by rolled gold of a comfortable thickness, not being likely to be worn through the way electroplated (“doublé”) watches are. The no date dial is very nice with applied gold hour markers and Zodiac logo. It has kept it’s original crown, often a sign that watch has not seen much use over the 50 – 60 years it has existed. The case is numbered 1308076 between the long, twisted lugs, and the fully serviced manual movement has caliber 61 and is numbered 614002. The diameter is 36, the total height is 45,3 (!) and the thickness is a mere 8 mm.

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