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Angelus 8 days desktop weather station

kr 18.562,50

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This gem is from the early fifties, and may easily have been sold by Tiffany & Co. Other top luxury stores like Hermés also sold these types of desktop “functional decorations” from Angelus, Movado, Imhof and the like. The quality is impressive all the way through: the gilded brass, the number of functions and the ease of adjusting the watch and the barometer. Notice the arrow pointing from the little protuding point on the back of the watch, here the date is quickset by pushing the little knob in the direction of the arrow (one day for each push).

The performance of the five “functions) is very good, with the exception of the thermometer reading a bit too high, the barometer, hygrometer, compass and watch is there for everyday observing, next to your fountain pen and personalized stationary 🙂 .

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