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Kienzle Superia art deco

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Heinrich Möller (1905 -1983, https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heinrich_Johannes_M%C3%B6ller  designed many desktop watches (also referred to as “Table clocks”). But so far, we have not seen this particular model anywhere else. It is just beautiful! The solid, bold use of delicate materials like the double glazing, the solid brass and the art deco shape of the hands and hour markers. It has easy, keyless winding (you turn the wheel on the back) and runs very well with an 8 day movement (it has not been serviced by us). The dimensions are: height 23 , width 20  and depth 5,5 cm. It weighs nearly 3 kg! Some sources say this model dates from the 1950s (which we support) – some say they were produced in the 1930s.

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