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CYMA AMIC 8-day alarm

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Standard on the outside, but this high quality CYMA is very special on the inside. CYMA red cased collapsible alarm needs some explanation to be fully appreciated. First thing to notice: the movement is 8-day with 15 jewels (and NOS!). It has the “AMIC V8 Sonomatic” nomenclature printed on the dial, the box and user manual. Obviously something CYMA was proud about! The appearance may be dull, but closely inspected the high quality shines through on all details. Because of the 8 day functionality it also qualifies as a desk watch. Dimensions are 7,5x85x8 cm opened. Box is 8,5×9,5×3,8 cm closed. (yes: “Box and Papers”). 1960s production.

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