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Movado Ermeto “purse watch”

kr 4.500,00

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Vintage Movado invention

Very good condition

Winds when opened

The purse watches were produced over a long timespan. Patented in 1929, Movado produced versions of the Ermeto into the 1960, this example being from the last years. Quite a conversation piece! It can of course be used as a pocket watch as well. Small and delicate, it measures only ca 5 x 3,5 cm with the thickness being 1,5 cm. Opened it extends to ca 7,5 cm. With the stand extended, it can serve as a desk watch. The reference number is 491, it is marked “Metal Dore” which means it is gold plated. If you look very closely on the metal ring when closed, you will see a tiny Movado logo. The pictured chain will be changed with a plated chain were you can choose between a selection.

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